Netech Delta 2200 Defibrillator Analyzer including AED’s

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Product Description

WARRANTY: One-year Manufacturer Warranty
ACCESSORIES: Calibration Certificate, Operator Manual, 9V Battery, Universal Paddle Adapters

DELTA 2200
Defibrillator Analyzer

DELTA 2200 is a full function defibrillator analyzer designed to test all Bi-Phasic defibrillators including semi and automated external Defibrillators (AED). The built in ECG and arrhythmia waveforms makes it easier than ever to test the new automated defibrillators. Input jack is provided for external arrhythmia waveforms. It is compact, rugged and light-weight and costs fraction of our competitions units.

Tests Bi-Phasic Defibrillators.
Tests all AEDs.
Large LCD display.
Compact and easy to use
Built-in arrhythmia Waveforms.
Built-in ECG waveform.Internal paddle adapters.
Battery or AC powered.Battery or AC powered

Energy Measurement:
Load: 50 Ohms +/- 1%

High Range: 1 Joule
Low Range: 0.1 Joule

High Range: +/- 2% of Reading +/- 1 Joules
Low Range: +/- 2% of Reading +/- 0.1 Joule

Sync Time:
0 – 250 ms
Pulse width 0 – 60 ms

Waveform Simulation:
ECG @ 60 BPM and 90 BPM
VFIB and VTAC. External Arrhythmia input.

Waveform Output/Input:
ECG High Level Output. 1/4” Phone Jack
External Arrhythmia input jack. 1/4” Phone Jack
Real time Waveform output. 1/4” Phone Jack
Defibrillator discharge waveform (expanded 200:1) is played back through the paddle and the output Phone Jack for recording.

Display: 4 Digit LCD

Dimensions: 10.4 x 7.2 X 4.0”
Power: 9 Volt Alkaline or AC adapter
Weight: 3 lbs (1.36Kg)