HV-300B LCD Touch Screen

Mono cut :

1. Pure cut (350W)

2.Blend 1 (250W)

3.Blend 2 (200W)

4.Blend 3 (150W)

Mono coag :

1.Fulgurate coag (120W)

2.Spray coag (100W)

Bipolar :

1. Bipolar cut (70W)

2. Bipolar coag (70 W)

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Product Description

General Description

HV-300B LCD Touch Screen is an Electrosurgical Generator with Isolated Output Design, which provides proper power output for cutting and coagulating tissue in both mono-polar and bipolar surgeries. it can meet the needs of many surgical operations. adopting single-chip microcomputer control technology and modular design, it features simple design, convenient maintenance, powerful function, stable performance and easy operation, and is eqquipped with versatile jacks for accessories.

1. main features

1) digital display of output power, and sound signal given when the minimum or maximum power limit is reached

2) four mono-polar cutting modes: pure, blend1, blend2, and blen 3

3) two mono-polar coag modes: fulgurate and spray

4) one bipolar mode: bipolar coag

5) designed with patient plate continuity monitoring circuit, which can effectively prevent electrical burn to patient?

6) isolated RF output

7) output controlled by pencil switch or footswitch

8) adjustable output sound volume

9) functions expandable : for use in combination with endoscope or argon trolley

10) top-quality components and devices employed, and high reliability ensured