ECC 870 mA/mAs and Time Exposure Meter

Brand: Electronic Control Concepts (ECC)
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Product Description

ACCESSORIES: Test Leads, 9V Battery, Operator Manual, Calibration Certificate, Hard Carrying Case
The ECC Model 870 mA Meter / mAs/ exposure time meter is specifically designed to measure x-ray tube current. The ECC Model 870 is a solid-state, digital instrument designed specifically for service personnel in assessing the performance of radiation generators. This instrument measures and displays mA, mAs and exposure time for each x-ray exposure. The instrument is used for dental x-ray units, radiographic and fluoroscopic x-ray. The operator switches from 2A to 200 mA amp operation simply by switching the switch from left to right. When a measurement is being made, the Model 870 has the capability of automatically determining the type of x-ray that is being measured. It is not necessary for the user to program correction factors for different types of x-ray waveforms. The Model 870 automatically resets at the beginning of each exposure, holding the reading until the next exposure. There is no need to reset the meter before each measurement. This is a new state of the art instrument with many advanced features. For example, when taking ma / mAs readings, the mA reading is stored and displayed. It is not necessary to have exposure times long enough to display a reading. This minimizes unnecessary exposure to test personnel and minimizes heating as well as wear and tear on the x-ray tube. The Model 870 will display mA, mAs and exposure time for each x-ray exposure further minimizing the number of x-ray exposures. The most convenient way of using the 870 for mA, mAs and exposure time measurements is to plug leds into front of unit and attach the other end, which is designed to be connected in the ground return line of the high voltage transformer and must be in the actual current path of the x-ray tube. Step back, take the exposure and then observe the reading. Refer to the section on Operation for information on how to obtain the most accurate measurements.
  • 200 mA Full Scale
  • 0.1 mA Resolution (mA or mAs)
  • 10 Ohms Input impedance
  • Measures 5 to 200 mA
  • 2A Full Scale
  • 1 mA Resolution (mA or mAs)
  • 1 Ohm Input impedance
  • Meter automatically selects AC/DC
  • Select range via On / Off Switch
  • 1% +/- 2 mA on all ranges
  • Tip Jacks
  • Test leads with two alligator clips
  • 0.22″ (5.5mm) Liquid Crystal
  • 2 line, 12 Character Alphanumeric
  • ON / OFF / Range Switch
  • 24 Character Liquid Crystal Display
  • Displays mA, mAs and Exposure time for each exposure.
  • 9 Volt battery accessible from bottom of case
  • Low battery indicator
  • 100 hours continuous
  • Typically over one year of normal use
  • 2 years from ship date
  • 80 X 147 X 40 mm
  • 3.15 X 5.8 X 1.6 inches
  • 250 g, (0.55 lb)
  • Annually
  • +10o to 40o C
  • 50o to 104o F