Netech Pressure Meter Calibration Verification Kit for Sphygmomanometer



Product Description

Product Code : BP-CAL-KIT

DigiMano BP Calibration Kit is a blood pressure calibration kit. It includes our most popular pressure meter,  our patented Syringe Pump and tubing kit. The kit is availble with two different combinations of pressure units. Please refer to the ordering information tab below for specific part numbers.

It is an ideal calibrating tool for most blood pressure instruments including Welch Allyn, and Sphymanometer pressure dial gauges. This unique Syringe Pump allows the technician to apply a steady set pressure to both the Spygmanometer and the Digimano 1000 for easy comparison.

This high quality pressure calibration kit, saves technicians and nurses time when checking and validating the accuracy of the Blood Pressure Machines. It comes complete with Luer-Lok connectors and tubing. Compact and easy to use, the DigiMano BP Kit is designed exclusively for blood pressure gauge calibration checks recommended by most pressure gauge manufacturers.


DigiMano 200-2000IN
Accuracy: 0.25% full range +/- 1 digit

Display: 3-½ Digit 0.5 inch LCD. Polarity Display: the negative sign (-) is displayed when there is a vacuum reading

Media Compatibility: Non-corrosive fluids and gasses

Maximum Pressure: Twice the maximum rated pressure

Pressure Range: -640 to 1999 mmHg; inH2O: 0.0 to -160.0 inH2O

Vacuum Range: mmHg: 0.0 to -600 mmHg; inH2O: 0.0 to -160.0 inH2O

Low Battery Indicator: LED lights when battery voltage is < 6.8 volts
Syringe Pump
60 cc syringe with lead screw fed fine adjustments for precision. Disengage lead screw for plunger-fed course adjustments
Silicone Tubing with TEE
Three sections of flexible silicone tubing connected to a nylon TEE Connector. Each section terminated with a male Luer Lok connector for ease of set up.


Environmental Operating Range: 32° to 122° F (0° to 50°C)
Dimensions: 12.0″ x 8.0″ x 3.5″  (30.5 x 20.5 x 9.0 cm)
Weight: 1.7 lb (0.8 kg)



Kit Includes:
DigiMano 1000,  PN:200-2000IN ( 1999mmHg/ 199.9 InH2O) Digital Pressure Meter or PN:-200-200PS (2000 mmHg/ 19.99 PSI)
3 Sections of Fl

xible Silicone Tubing Connected To a Tee Connector

Luer-Lok Male Fittings on Each of The 3 Tubing Sectionss For Easy Connections
Manual Adjustable Syringe Pump For Precise Steady Infusion of Pressure.
Customized Hard Carrying Case